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The digitalized era and millennium generation are exactly in front of us. ASITA (Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies) Yogyakarta chapter has to be ready to challenge the situation to provide better information, better service to win the business.

As a tool to achieve the member of ASITA Yogyakarta, the board is quickly providing online information on what is going on in not only in Yogyakarta, but other regions as well. Beside we proved information what is going to be done and what has be done.

We, as a part of Indonesian tourism association also give information to public about ourselves, who we are and what our aim is. We give to public the board and the member’s name, in order that public can check about us and our business including our legality.

ASITA Yogyakarta chapter is always try to communicate with other tourism stake holders, aiming at developing and promoting Yogyakarta region and its surrounding to be the more valuable tourism destination in Indonesia.
Beside also members, hand on hand, help to each other to society

We do understand that we need your idea, suggestion in order that we can give better service to public and tour visitors to Yogyakarta


Board of Directors
ASITA Yogyakarta Chapter
Udhi Sudiyanto


By Admin / Kamis, 16 November 2017

By Admin / Senin, 06 November 2017

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